Working For Yourself

You’ve avoided the rush hour down the stairs, had your breakfast, or even just a cup of tea. What now? You see something interesting on the TV and decide to sit and watch it before you start to work and the next thing you know it is 10:30AM and the day is in full swing!

Working for yourself has its benefits, no boss, no work colleagues to distract you from your work and you can leave your lunch in the fridge without fear of it being eaten. But there are plenty of other challenges that will get in your way…. even working too much! In this article, we cover just four of the pitfalls you could experience. They are really important for you to think about if you want to work from home.

Working in your PJs

Yes, it is lovely to not have to get yourself dressed, it may save you time in the short term. The benefit of being showered and dressed is that you feel good in yourself, giving you confidence which in turn enables you to complete the tasks ahead. Think of it like this, you decide to have a lazy Sunday afternoon and spend it in your pj’s, nothing really gets done. But instead, you decide to get dressed and look back on your day which turns out to have been quite productive considering it was a relaxed affair.


As your partner leaves for the office, they tell you that they didn’t have time to put the bins out or wash up the breakfast dishes, and could you possibly… think of it this way if you worked in an office would you be able to complete these tasks either? It might only be 5 minutes but then by the time you’ve settled back to your tasks you have lost 15 minutes. Do that four or five times a day and there is an hour gone of your working day.

Working Space

Working from the dining table is lovely and even more so if you have the TV on in the background so you can watch your favourite TV programs?? The importance of having a specific area you work in isn’t just to stop the distractions. Having a specific room where you work, if you can, enables you to leave your work behind at the end of the day and enjoy your life outside work, which leads nicely into our last thought…

Avoiding Overworking

You’ve got yourself dressed, sat down at your desk at 8:40AM and the next thing you know it’s 6:30PM and you didn’t even stop for lunch. It is very easily done and may take some work to get yourself into a good routine.

I drink tea and use tea as a guide as to when I need a break. Get up from my desk, walk downstairs to the kettle and make a cup of tea. It might only take a few minutes but it refreshes my mind and body and makes me more productive by taking a break, having lunch, and not working until late into the night, unless really needed to of course.

Overall, you are your own boss, you decide what you do and don’t find productive. You might already be doing all or some of these things today, why not try them for a month if you aren’t already and see how much benefit you get.