wooCommerce Solution – Platform Connections

wooCommerce Solution

We have developed a solution for those using or wanting to use the wooCommerce shopping cart linked with a WordPress site.

The solution is called wooConnect and is only available for our customers. wooConnect will look after your website by adding, updating and maintaining product categories, product shipping and collection of orders back to Platform Connections ready for processing to the supplier automatically, if the supplier is accepting auto orders.

There is no plugin, no major settings or complications in just a few clicks and your website will start being populated with 100’s and 1000’s of products which are within your Platform Connections account.

Why not take a look at our demo site by clicking here and see what we have done within just 15 minutes*. Over 4000 products imported, 11, shipping methods imported section by UK, Europe and Rest of World and that’s not to mention over 100 categories created to store our products in.

Once the products are imported to your site, our wooConnect solution will continue to update the stock on each product every 30 minutes, add new products and collect orders ready for processing with any automated order suppliers. It will also update the order once dispatched so that your customer knows it’s been dispatched.

If you would like to know more about how wooConnect works contact us for more information.

* This is the actual time spent setting up the wooConnect add on, importing products takes longer and depends on the quantity involved.