Website Security

Have you overlooked a crytical component of running and managing a website, website security? An attack on your website can be costly in so many ways from the cost of getting back online, loss of revenue and probably the most costly the damage of reputation.

Security Considerations

Most service providers will protect their servers from malicious attacks, but not necessarily your own website. So what can you do to keep your site secure whilst they are protecting the server?

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate protects the data being sent between pages and sites which your customer has entered such as emails, credit card details and personal contact information. It is an important part of security these days as many browsers and search engines label sites without an SSL certificate as insecure which in turn leads to many individuals not wanting to visit the site for obvious reasons.

Should you wish to have some assistance with securing your website data and installing a SSL certificate then please do feel free to contact us and we will gladly advise you accordingly.

Software Updates

We have seen many sites which are not up to date and have severe vulnerabilities in our time. Keeping your site software up to date is very important. Many CMS systems have made this simple with built in updates, so you don’t have to be a programming king or queen to keep your software upto date. WordPress for example will check that you have the latest version and let you know if you don’t.

Malware Scanning

There are many online solutions that will manage this for you. Scanning your site on a regular basis for known malware and removing it automtically.

For more information about what Malware is have a read of Nortons blog What is Malware.

About Our Server Service

All our servers are fully secure, updated and have a firewall for additional protection. The firewall stops automated attacks that predominantly focus on smaller sites. We update our servers with the latest versions of software on a regular basis meaning that it is important that your site is up to date.

Further Advise and Guidance

Are you happy with your website security? Fantastic…. if not and you would like some guidance or support then contact us and we will guide you as required.