Spending Time Getting it Right

eBay is a great platform for enabling buyers to connect with sellers. As a seller, selling on the eBay platform can and does provide many individuals with a work from home lifestyle as well as providing large blue chip companies an additional platform to sell products on.

eBay first launched in 1995 as a traditional auction style service. As time has gone on, and eBay established itself, they launched new features such as buy-it-now and fixed price listings both of which are still used in todays site. With 100’s of features now available at the sellers finger tips it can take some time to get a handle on what is best to work for an individual seller.

Using Keywords in Auction Listings

As a general rule buyers search using specific keywords, these can include a brand name, specific product type and/or size, colour and so on. When considering your listing title and description it is important to include all or certainly most of these with them, of course without spamming your listing itself!

Additionally many of the categories you list your products in have additional settings called attributes. These are used heavily within the eBay system to help customers find relevant products. Whilst it will take some time to get this information correct it will be worth it in the long run as it could and should product more sales for you.

Adding Attribute Information

As an example if you list an item in the category ID 68816 Gym Bags (full path to category : Sporting Goods -> Fitness, Running & Yoga -> Gym Bags) you will be required to provide information about the Brand of the item only. However there are additional recommendations such as colour, features, size and type; all of which can and are used by buyers to filter their search and are important keywords within your listing.

It may take you longer to get an item listed but having this information increases your chances of selling the item. As with anything in this world you don’t get a lot through putting in a little.

Patience is a Virtue

This is a very well known proverb meaning that “it is a good quality to be able to tolerate something that takes a long time”. Selling on eBay is going to take some time to get right, just listing a whole bunch of products up to the eBay platform will of course get you some sales, however spend time getting the detail right and you will see a better return on your investment