Social Media Marketing

Social media has without doubt become a popular way to research a product, brand or company. Long gone are the days when a simple review on your website would be all that a potential customer could read to verify your quality of service, product authenticity or just how quickly they will get their order dispatched and delivered.

However, or more so but, your social media marketing is not just about getting your brand, product or service reviewed and recognised. It is just as important that you are engaging with your audience by posting quality content and sharing useful information.

With so many social media platforms, do you really have the time or the inclination to be posting all the time? After all it takes time to think of original content, write the content and then post it to your social media accounts. Well it doesn’t have to all be about you, your business and your products. For example sharing information from another source that you think is relevant or helpful to your followers and subscribers will help.

Tools to help you with Social Media Market

There are lots of useful tool out there that can assist you with this. In the is article we are going to talks about three specifically; BuzzSumo, HootSuite, and IFTTT.

Discover content with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a cloud-based platform which enables you to discover, engage and access opportunities available to you across multiple social networks. You can;

• Discover new keywords
• Find trending stories
• See customer questions
• Highlight content success
• Monitor your own brand

For information about how you can use BuzzSumo and get access to your free trial click here.

Create Time To Write Content With HootSuite

Here is where managing your social media gets easier, everything is managed in one central area. No longer have you got to remember lots of passwords or navigate to each individual platform.

With HootSuite you can post content, schedule posts, review responses and connect with 20+ social networks including FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The time saved by using this service can be spent writing new content, creating product reviews, discovering tweets to share and still leave you time to manage your orders and customer enquiries.

Try HootSuite for 30 days FREE

Automate your Marketing With IFTTT

Developed more than 10 years ago, IFTTT (If This, Then That) provided the ability for businesses who did not have developer or programming skills to build programs that they call Applets. Users can create their mini programs to say “If this happens, then do this”.

The great thing about IFTTT is that you can setup three Applets for free and once you see the benefits of using the service it’s on $3.99 a month to create unlimited Applets.

Consider the power for automating simple actions for example;

• setting an automatic “thank you for following us” for any new followers on Twitter
• monitoring a blog for new posts so you can keep up with your competition or industry changes

It really does open up a vast amount of opportunities that would be time consuming and laborious. It’s got to be worth at least setting up the three Applets for free for any business click here for more information.

Breaking Down Social Media Marketing

When you break down social media marketing into manageable chunks, automate some of the tasks and use some of the powerful tools available to you it doesn’t seem as daunting a task to manage. Of course your business can work without social media, but having it within your armory can and will only benefit you and your business in the long term.