Seller Protection on eBay

Protecting both buyers and sellers on eBay gives the platform the ability to keep a good reputation and build trust for each item which is sold. As a seller you need buyers to trust your listing and without eBay offering protection that is very difficult indeed.

eBay’s policy is to ensure that both buyers and sellers that have performed in a good manner are given a fair deal at the end of the transaction. Of course there are times when both the buyer and the seller have acted in good faith and eBay is left with the difficult decision. In most cases a decision is made based on the past performance and the number of disputes which have been raised against the account. For sellers these are know as the Seller Protection Program.

As a good rule of thumb, always ensure that you have good quality pictures of your item, your description is detailed and does not leave out anything which could be deemed as deceitful and ship your item as soon you can after PayPal says you can. Communicate with your buyer as much as you possibly can, confirming that the item has been dispatched, any tracking information and responding to any contact from your buyer promptly.

To take advantage of the Seller Protection Program, keep on top of your sales, don’t list items which could violate eBay’s terms and conditions and be clear with the condition of your item.

Although none or all of these specifically will win a dispute, keeping your account in good standing and working to the best of your abilty to get the product to your buyer as quickly as you can (subject of course to couriers) will be a go in your favour if you come up against problems.