Shopify App

Get your Shopify site fully integrated with our solution. Get your Shopify website fully up to date with products and stocks as each item sells on other Platforms as well as your website.

The Shopify App will look after your website data by adding, updating and maintaining product categories, product shipping and collection of orders back to Platform Connections Centralized Order Center ready for processing to the supplier automatically, if the supplier is accepting auto orders.

How Does it Work?

It’s all very simple with the App, connect your Shopify site to our site then set how often you want the feeds to run and we will do the rest. As each customer visits your site and processes the order through checkout all shipping data is delivered to your customer in real time.

Once the order is processed and payment is received we will collect the order into your Centralized Order Center and process it to your suppliers should they offer that service.

Demo Site

Why not take a look at our demo site which holds over 4000 items. These are updated every 15 minutes and the shipping charges is are collected in realtime. Click here to have a look around.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Shopify App is fully included within your account on packages Silver and above. You will not be charged any extra for the solution.