Providing Solutions For Small & Large Business

Whether your a small business working in a home office or a large independent, managing stock across multiple platforms or on single platforms such as eBay can be a logistical nightmare and take many hours to ensure it is up to date.

Our solution will manage all your stock across the platforms you choose, import orders and send them to the supplier (if they offer the service). We will also update the platform your order came from with dispatch and feedback information, enabling you can concentrate on growing your business.

Manage Your Product Once Across Multiple Selling Sites

Whether it’s a website you plan to build, sell on eBay or both; you manage all your items in one place. Our powerful stock management solution keeps everything up to date for you on all your chosen selling platforms.

Access Anywhere 24/7/365

Your inventory can be managed by PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet. As long as you have access to the internet you can manage your product portfolio.

How It Works

Add a supplier we already have in our system or simply add product data via a spreadsheet or manually through our easy to use platform. Our software distributes your data across your selling sites and maintains the product for you 24/7/365.

Check Products Sales & Stock From Suppliers

Our system will check your chosen sites for sales and adjust the stock accordingly as they sell, updating each platform with the new data. 

In addition, if your stock is maintained via an XML Data Feed our system checks this automatically too and updates your sites stock, descriptions and images seamlessly.

Spend Your Time Processing Orders NOT Visiting Websites.

No longer will you need to process orders on individual selling platforms. We collect each order from each platform and centralise everything for you.

As each order comes in the stock is adjusted on each of your selling platforms automatically. Once the order is marked as dispatched then your customer will be notified via the platform they purchased their item on.

Fully Automated Ordering

For those suppliers which offer the ability to process orders digitally, we will setup automated order submissions placing your order with the supplier directly for them to dispatch on your behalf.

Once your supplier has dispatched the order we will update the order automatically and in-turn your customer.

Import or Add Products To Your Portfolio Ready For Selling

Import or add your sales products to your own portfolio ready for selling. Assign the eBay and/or website categories, not individually but in bulk to save you time. Then your ready to get your products our there.

Fully Supported Data Solutions for Your Business

XML Data Feeds

We have available XML data feeds which you can use to import products, categories and shipping methods to your website.

A no knowledge required option is available for wooCommerce.


CSV Import and Export

Manage your products via CSV in bulk. It really is as simple as download, amend and import back to our site. Our system will update your selling platforms accordingly.


Managed Data Transfer

We will fully update your selling platforms automatically with any changes, add new products and mark items out of stock items if required.


eBay Automation

Connect your products into one of the worlds largest selling sites. Full integration of each product you want to list. If required orders are collected and stored/managed through your centralised order center.

wooConnect Solution

Our wooConnect plugin manages your products and keeps them fully up to date. If required orders are collected and stored/managed through your centralised order center.


Shopify Solutions

Our team can assist you with your shopify site to fully automate your products stock management. Contact us for more information on this solution.


All our solutions come with support so you are not alone.


All our pricing and packages can be purchased from our main website at

All our pricing and packages can be purchased from our main website at